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Data-Driven Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and PPC Management Services.

Our unique approach and advanced technology have enabled us to deliver extraordinary results for our clients over the years on both Google Ads (Adwords) and Microsoft Advertising Networks.


Strategic Planning, Research, and Competitive Analysis

In this phase, we collect as much data and research deeply into your industry and your competitors which lead to finding the most relevant and cost-optimized channels of acquisition and based on that we will craft a plan and begin building your campaigns in either google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising platforms.

Statistical Testing, Keyword Tunning, and Ad Copy Optimization

Setting up an account to generate data in the most accurate way is fundamental to a successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) operation; thus, we go above and beyond industry best practices and structure campaigns based on SKAG and STAG methodologies.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO), Setting up UX and UI for Conversion.

Carefully developing highly optimized and converting landing pages help and test several design types helps is key to give your viewers what they want. We A/B test several designs and landing pages to find out what best suits your audiences’ preference, thus improving conversion.

Tools & Technology

Real-Time Reporting And Call Tracking

Get real-time insights and analytics on your advertising performance anywhere and anytime. with our all-new Client Dashboard

Cutting Edge Technology

Machine Learning and AI-Driven Advertising

Incorporate advanced machine learning algorithms into your search, native, and social media ad campaigns.

Its All About Data & Testing

Toronto's Leading Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to data, testing, and optimization, we can say that’s where we differentiate.

Conversion-Driven Design

We Build and Design World-Class and Highly Converting Ecommerce Platforms

Carefully developing highly optimized and converting landing pages help and test several design types helps is key to give your viewers what they want.

Cutting Edge Technology

Smart Technology Implementation on Clients' Accounts

Unleash your business potential with the power of social media combined with artificial intelligence.

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